Why Divorce Mediation?


What’s the difference between Divorce Mediation and Divorce Attorneys?

In divorce litigation or arbitration, a third party makes the final decisions on what will happen to you and your family. Our mediation process empowers you to make the decisions that are best for your family, helping you make your own rules about how you will get there. Mediation is designed for the average family, but is flexible enough to suit all circumstances. Use only what you need – nothing more.

Divorce Attorney or MediatorPut Your Whole Family First

Mediation puts your whole family – especially the children – first. Always. Divorce mediation reduces the impact on the lives of all family members during and after the process, and sets an example of cooperation and peace.

Control Your Future

Courts and lawyers are only necessary to settle disputes when parties cannot find common ground. Although you may find you disagree on many issues, mediation will provide actionable solutions to those disagreements. Throughout the mediation process you make the decisions about your future – not third parties.

Less Costly

Divorce mediation is much less expensive than traditional divorce litigation – sometimes as much as 97 percent less. Divorce lawyers can be redundant in the legal process, sometimes asking the same questions and requesting the same information several times. That is unnecessary and wasteful. Our process leaves you with more resources to move on with your life when the divorce is complete.

Less Time

Mediation allows you to resolve your divorce quickly. Lawyers and courts can take several years or longer. We measure our success on how quickly and efficiently your divorce is resolved.

Less Worry

We keep the conversation on point and focus on the future. You will not be constantly worried about the unknown. Our process brings light to an otherwise confusing and troublesome situation.